Makeup Storage - Acrylic makeup organizer

Well your makeup collection is growing and your looking for a way to have your products organized, but yet have a clear view of your most used products. One solution that I have came across is using acrylic cases. You have probably seen them on Pinterest and on various You Tube beauty guru's channels, but I must say they are an easy solution for organizing your makeup. I currently have two 5-drawer acrylic cases which I purchased from Muji for $27.95 (not including taxes + shipping and handling) , you can find other acrylic drawers on Amazon as well for various price ranges. The Muji 5-drawer acrylic case can fit lipsticks, liners, eye shadows, small eye shadow palettes and compact powders. Just to inform you it can not fit bigger bulkier items such as liquid foundation bottles and nail polishes, for now I have them stored on top of the case. Also as far as durability it is good, I have had my cases for 2 years and no cracks or chips. I do plan later to get a bigger case to store foundations and such, but if your starting out your collection and looking for a more budget friendly solution that looks chic the acrylic cases may be a good option. How do you currently store you makeup? If you own any acrylic cases, how to do you like them?


My current makeup storage 

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