Pop Sugar Must Have Box - July 2014

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Image 1Pastel Chevron Straws


 Revlon Bold Lacquer™ Length & Volume Mascara

This month Pop Sugar must have box was all about vacations, fun in the sun, fitness and summer entertaining. My July Pop Sugar must have box included a Michael Stars Beach Hat ( $48), French Bull Ziggy Salad Servers ( $12), Sun Bum Sunscreen and Lotion ($20), Acme Part Box Company Chevron Straws ($7), TKO Jump Rope ($13), Dang Foods Toasted Coconut Chips ($3) and a bonus product of Revlon Bold Lacquer Length & Volume Mascara. Over a $103 worth of products ( not including the bonus product) for $39.95. In case anyone is wondering Pop Sugar must have box is a monthly subscription service in which every month you will receive various product related to home, fashion and beauty.

This is my third month receiving the Pop Sugar must have box and still enjoying thus far, the beach hat was a nice surprise and needed for my vacation next month, and the same goes for the sun bum sun screen and lotion. The TKO rope is a nice addition to workouts and in the May Pop Sugar must have box I received the Tone It Up fitness DVD. The coconut chips I personally did not like only because I don't like coconuts, but a family member/friend will enjoy. As for the salad server, I did have the chance to use this product this month and so far so good, it adds a pop of color to your serving ware for sure. I have not use the chevron straws, but will come in handy with any social gatherings.Lastly, who couldn't use and extra mascara, it's nice to have as a backup or I can throw it my makeup bag for on the go. Overall, I personally think it was a good box this month. If you have a Pop Sugar must have box, what did you think of the month box? Are there any other subscription boxes you like?


Makeup Storage - Acrylic makeup organizer

Well your makeup collection is growing and your looking for a way to have your products organized, but yet have a clear view of your most used products. One solution that I have came across is using acrylic cases. You have probably seen them on Pinterest and on various You Tube beauty guru's channels, but I must say they are an easy solution for organizing your makeup. I currently have two 5-drawer acrylic cases which I purchased from Muji for $27.95 (not including taxes + shipping and handling) , you can find other acrylic drawers on Amazon as well for various price ranges. The Muji 5-drawer acrylic case can fit lipsticks, liners, eye shadows, small eye shadow palettes and compact powders. Just to inform you it can not fit bigger bulkier items such as liquid foundation bottles and nail polishes, for now I have them stored on top of the case. Also as far as durability it is good, I have had my cases for 2 years and no cracks or chips. I do plan later to get a bigger case to store foundations and such, but if your starting out your collection and looking for a more budget friendly solution that looks chic the acrylic cases may be a good option. How do you currently store you makeup? If you own any acrylic cases, how to do you like them?


My current makeup storage 


Chic Celebrity Style - Ashley Benson

Okay I recently starting watching the TV series Pretty Little Liars  on Netflix and must admit I became slightly "ob-sessed " with Ashley Benson character's Hanna Marin style on the series. The style of Hanna's school wardrobe is a statement on its own :), even while searching for clues into who is the mysterious "A" , Hanna's style is always fashionable. Ashley's character style can be described as trendy, mixing classic with edgy pieces. Thus far I have watch all 4 seasons on Netflix within the past month and half and currently watching season 5 on ABC Family. Which PPL - Pretty Little Liar character style do you like ? 



Benefits They're Real Push Up Liner

I admit it, I jumped on the makeup new product bandwagon and purchased the Benefits They're Real Push Up Liner, but in my defense I must say this product was worth the hype (in my opinion). The Benefits They're Real Push Liner retails for $24 and is found at most major cosmetics stores such as Sephora and Ulta. It comes in a sleek packaging with a twist off cap revealing a rubber tip applicator. First time application for me was okay, I had to get use to applying with applicator it was a little bumpy but was barely noticeable. The second time I applied this liner it was prefect, able to achieve the look on the box. This liner does last all day, and by the end of the day I was able to remove with makeup wipes. Overall, if your looking for a black eyeliner that last all day, and that is versatile where you can achieve a simple lining of the eye to full intense cat eye then I would recommend this liner. Have you tried the Benefits They're Real Push Liner, if so what do you think about it?