Recently I made a trip to Bath & Body Works and there a a few scents from their current collection that I am loving . My normal purchases are the body cream lotions, hand soaps, wall-bulbs and candles. This weekend I original went into my local Bath & Body works for he half off men’s line. I wanted to purchase the men’s cologne and with half off and a 20% off entire purchase the price was more reasonable. The fragrance that I really like was Ocean, this fragrance notes are blue cypress , vetiver, and coastal air . In my option this scent is not too heavy and very fresh smelling. My next  purchase was  a full size body creme lotion of Bath & Body Works newest fragrance Gingham, a few weeks ago I purchase a trial size body cream as I didn’t know what to expect from the fragrance. There has been times when  a products smells really good and then when you purchase it doesn’t work with your body chemistry. Gingham has instantly became a favorite of mines, the key notes are  blue freesia, white peach, fresh clementine, violet & clean musk. Then there is the Love  Aromatherapy scent with rose oil and vanilla absolute, this scent is a dream, I wish that Bath & Body Works will make a body spray or perfume with this scent , also a wall-bulb and candle would be nice. I can absolutely smell this scent daily. The last products I purchased are Bath & Body Works Wall-bulbs and of course I purchase the Gingham Scent , also I purchased Champagne toast and the classic A Thousand Wishes.