Anastasia brow definer is a recently new product that I was curious to try, I am a big fan of the Anastasia brow wiz and must admit I had a sad face when the last of the product is used. Currently, being out of the Anastasia brow wiz is what prompted my curiosity to try this product. There are a few noticeable differences, the brow definer has more of a wider angle of product, and the eyebrow spoolie is much bigger and in my opinion more sturdy, there has been times in the past in which the spoolie attached to the Anastasia brow wiz hasn't held up, which prompted another sad face when it broke. The other noticeable difference is with the product it's more wider thus you have to be careful if you have a heavy hand when applying, it can easily be over applied which does not help a more natural look. The Anastasia brow definer you have the ability to make wider strokes and narrow product strokes, which are shown on the pictures below. So far I have mixed feelings about this product, I have thought about just only repurchasing the Anastasia brow wiz, due to I think it is more user friendly as a beginner, you really have to use a lot of product to overuse. In comparison with the Anastasia brow definer, it is quite easy to apply a lot of product as mention so you have to have a light hand. If you are debating  which one to buy I would recommend Anastasia brow wiz for an everyday eyebrow look and the Anastasia brow definer for a more dramatic look.