31 Bits features handcrafted jewelry by artisans in the small town Gulu, Uganda. Their mission is to use fashion for good and empower people to rise above poverty through purchases made from their website. They are featured in the Spring Fab Fit Fun subscription box containing a $25 gift card in each box. The bracelet shown below is called "Brookyln Nights", in which it comes in 3 color options. The product is very well made and has a unique clasp that is easy to fasten. This bracelet can be worn dressed up or dressed down. I love the gold accent, also what I like is that it's unique, and adds a little more to what you are wearing, its not the same bangle or bracelet accessory, giving your outfit character. When viewing their website there are definitely a lot of options from necklaces, bracelets and even accessories for kids, also the 31 Bits website discuss more of their story and their strive for giving back .  I encourage you to check out the 31 Bits site listed below.

Disclaimer: This bracelet was received through 31 Bits, I was not paid for this post, all opinions regarding the product are my own.