What is a face mask detox?

It's a mask used to deep clean pores. The are many factors in what cause clogged pores, such as oil, dirt, makeup and dead skin build up. Clogged pores can result in breakouts This face mask helps to pull out impurities from your pores  to help heal skin.

I use the Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask purchased from Amazon mainly due to my oily skin and breakouts. The benefits are that the clay mask helps remove toxins from your pores to help skin to heal and reduce inflammation. If you are currently dealing with a breakout that feels a little painful to the touch underneath the skin, this mask will help with reducing the irritation.   

The clay comes in a powder form so to prepare the mask, you would just mix equal part clay and apple cider vinegar or water. I recommend using with apple cider vinegar  Apple cider vinegar is antibacterial and opens the skin pores. Apple cider vinegar is known to helps regulate PH level that keeps skin from being too oily or too dry.  You will need to apply the clay mask to cleansed skin.  Once you have the clay mixed and applied to the face, leave  the mask on for 5-10 minutes for sensitive skin and 15-20 minutes for normal skin. As the face mask drys you will feel the mask tighten and  a pulling sensation. To remove just wash your face with warm water. 

My thoughts are that this a good a way to detox your pores without spending a ton of money on serums and treatments. It's not an overnight remedy, but if you add this to your skin care routine weekly, it's an added benefit to healthy skin. I have been using this mask for a few time now and I have notice reduced inflammation and my skin feel so smooth afterwards.  Also you want to make sure to  moisturize the skin afterwards. 

Have you tried the Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask? If so did you see any improvements to your skin, please share your comments.