Chic Scents .... Bath and Body Works Haul


Okay so I had to shop the bath and body works 2/$22 candle sale and stock on some of my favorite candle scents for fall. My go to scent is normally lavender vanilla, but after smelling mahogany teakwood I think this may be a new favorite, I also decided to pickup heirloom pear. What are some of your favorite candle scents?


Chic Style


Chic Tips ..... Dealing with breakouts

Well we all have had those times when our face tend to breakout for one reason or another. Dealing with one pimple can be frustrating but when there are a few at a single given time, I'm on a mission to get rid of them fast !!!!  I thought I would share my go to products when it comes to dealing with breakouts. For me when a breakout tends to occur I would continue my normal morning  face routine of using my facial cleanser ( best to use one that contain salicylic acid) following up with a daytime moisturizer containing SPF. Afterwards I would use Murads Acne Spot Treatment (contains 3.0% sulfer) on my problem areas (as far as makeup none to minimal would be best).

After the day is over I would use my use  facial cleanser to wash my face, and then I would use Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask and leave on for about 15 minutes allowing the mask to dry (also this can work for a spot treatment and can even let stay on overnight) but once removing the mask you want to use your night-time  face moisturizer and reapply the Murads Acne Spot Treatment on the problem areas. I would continue this process until the breakout is under control. 


What are your go to products for breakouts ?