Hello Everyone!  I wanted to share just a few products that I have been enjoying this December.

This foundation has become a MUST have for me, with the season transitioning to fall and now winter, I have been looking for a foundation that first doesn't make my face look very oily after a couple of hours, especially in my t-zone area and second is long wearing. This foundation has kept my oiliness under control and gives great coverage. I would describe this foundation as a medium coverage foundation that is build-able to full coverage. 

(No longer Available 😪) 
This eyeshadow palette has some great everyday colors, my favorites that have been using over and over are Isabel, Kim, and Muse, but I truly like all the eyeshadow shades. This palette can easily be use for a daytime look to a dramatic night time eye look. It has been the palette that I have been using all month long. I tried to searching for a link to this palette but it is sold out. My alternative recommendation would be to try the Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills which is a great eyeshadow palette as well. 

I been using the mascara the most this month. I love the fact at the end of the day its easy to remove, it doesn't make my eyelashes feel sticky like other brands in the past. It's not the most lengthening mascara, but give your lashes a noticeable look for everyday makeup looks. 

This is my most used contour palette, I just love the shades and the plus this palette smells like chocolate. I use the lighter contour shade and the blush the most, its works great with everyday looks. 

This scent is EVERY-thing, a thousand wishes has become a favorite scent of mine, also have A Thousand Wishes candle and wall bulbs plug in's from Bath & Body Works. The key notes are Pink Prosecco, Sparkling Quince, Crystal Peonies, Gilded Amber and Ameretto Crème.

What are some of your December favorites? Please comment and share, I would love to hear your responses.