I have been seeing this palette just about everywhere now, and I must admit the packaging is very tempting with gold dripping all around, it's very pretty, but the one question that goes through my mind is "is it worth it? ". So after a few weeks of looking at this palette and swatching in my local Ulta, I finally convinced myself to make this purchase. The Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette retails for $49.00 and comes with 16 eyeshadows which I estimated at $3.06 per eyeshadow, basically this eyeshadow palette is not cheap.  When it comes to other prestige brands it not the most expensive palette, it is more mid-range priced. My pro's are this palette is very universal and works well with all skin tones. I love how the shadows look with my skin tone and also the shadows are very pigmented without being overpowering. I'm not a professional makeup artist so I want to feel like I have some control over the application without it being a total disaster. Another pro (or it may be a con to some people) is that this palette smell like chocolate, which it does states that is cocoa infused. 

The shades are: 

Money Bags (metallic warm green)

Chocolate Gold (metallic pure gold)

Rich Girl (metallic silvered taupe)

Cocoa Truffle (matte chocolate brown)

Decadent (matte deep black)

Love & Cocoa (metallic deep bronze)

Old Money (metallic pure copper)

New Money (metallic shocking pink)

Famous (metallic pure bronze)

Classy & Sassy (metallic rose gold)

So Boujee (matte cashmere)

Holla For A Dolla (metallic golden hunter)

Gold Dipped (metallic champagne gold)

Livin' Lavish (metallic plum)

Drippin' Diamond (metallic pure silver)

Rollin' In Dough (matte soft beige)

I am loving the names of these eyeshadows ! The shadows do apply with a soft touch, you are able to have a neutral base with the matte shades with adding subtle touches of the metallic shades, and of course you can go all out with a full glam of the the metallic shades. Overall if you are the type where you only like matte neutral shades an no metallics then this platte isn't for you. But if you enjoy a little sparkle in your look whether it's a subtle touch, or full on beaming then you will enjoy this palette. I have been using this palette almost daily since purchasing it.

If you have purchased the Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette, was it worth it to you?

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